Why MaintenanceFirst?

There is much that separates us from the competition. For example, MaintenanceFirst was the first in the industry to offer a subscription Facility Management software model, and for one simple reason. Other companies charge multiple fees during implementation; from data conversion, on-site training, and software licensing down payments. They do so knowing the more you invest in implementing a solution, the more likely you will stick with it, regardless of your satisfaction with their product and service. We have a different philosophy; we believe in customer retention and growth because of true customer satisfaction. And we also believe that is putting your money where your mouth is; and it’s why we have remained an industry leader for 30 years and counting.


In 1988 MaintenanceFirst introduced one of the very first CMMS products on the market. Yes, over 30 years ago. No other Facility or Maintenance Management software company comes close to the experience, history, and expertise of MaintenanceFirst; add that our owners, developers and support staff have remained the same for over 20 of those years... that is ultimate stability and dependability.

Multiple Platforms

m1Encompass was designed to run on a multitude of platforms. Interfaces are designed for Desktop, Laptop, Tablets, and Mobile Phones. And because no device is the same, our products include device-specific configuration options, to enhance viewing, processing, and user interface.

Unlimited Users

We believe you should not be forced to decide who can utilize the power of m1Encompass. Because we offer so many different solutions, we understand the need for multiple personnel to access the software. That's why we are the originator of unlimited user access, charging rather only for software solution features.

LAN or Hosted Options

m1Encompass can be installed on either a Local Area Network or accessed via the cloud through one of our hosting solutions. And if we host, rest assured we take care of product updates, data backup, and server performance optimization.

FREE Data Conversion

Whether you are converting data from another system or need to enter new data from a document or spreadsheet, we will do so at NO COST. Just one of the ways we won't nickel and dime you like the competition.

FREE Onsite Training

Although our implementation and weekly webinar trainings are highly effective and intuitive training, when you purchase a Platinum subscription we will come on site for the implementation training at NO COST.

FREE 6 Month Trial & Setup

We understand that implementation is the key to success. Because of that, the cornerstone of our service is our FREE 6-Month Trial & Setup. We believe that you should not be obligated for any expense during installation, configuration, data setup, and training. Furthermore, we believe you should be 100% confident that the product and service you choose will be the perfect fit for your facility needs. That is why for 6 Months we allow users to utilize the solution and only then decide if they wish to purchase a subscription.

Onsite Barcoding

Need assistance on printing and applying Asset Equipment barcodes? We can help. Your account representative is available to manage and help facilitate that project on-site.

Subscription Based

MaintenananceFirst was the first software provider to offer subscription-based solution pricing. No down payment. No user license fees. We offer a simple yearly subscription package, based solely on your solution needs.

Weekly Webinars

We believe that continued training and education are key to a successful software solution. That is why we offer weekly training webinars focused on specific m1Encompass solutions. Whether Equipment or Contract Management; Compliance or Inventory Management, users can sit in on specific classes of their choice at no cost.

Unlimited 24 Hour Support

When you call MaintenanceFirst you get a live representative. No computers, no menu options, simply live help. And because we know emergencies can happen at any time, users have access to our StatSupport service, our 24-hour technical support hotline.

Facility Customization

No two sites are the same. That is why whether you manage 1 site or 100, our solution offers hundreds of site-specific configuration options to ensure the software solution is running to fit each facilities unique needs.

Extreme ROI

Although ROI is unique to each facilities operation and procedures, simply put the more solutions you utilize, the higher an ROI will be. The ROI from utilizing m1Encompass can be extreme; check out our ROI section to understand more about ROI and receive ROI calculations you can expect for your facility.


Before you decide on any software product, you should always seek testimonials from companies similar to yours. We provide not only testimonials but promote networking; existing customers are available for you to speak directly with, to answer any questions not only about MaintenanceFirst, but industry experience and Best Practices.