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Every day your departments are critically integrated in order to maintain and operate your facility. Life Safety Equipment is serviced and maintained for facility compliance; Inventory material is used on scheduled and corrective work orders; Maintenance technicians perform work on facility projects; Vendors are assigned keys or security clearance. These are just a few of the examples of common facility operations, and chances are they all use costly and segregated software and data management systems to perform their responsibilities. With departments so intricately intertwined, it only makes sense that their data should be as well. MaintenanceFirst's m1Encompass provides a central and connected Facility Operation Management software environment, ensuring seamless communication while saving significant money each year for your facility.

Since the infancy of CMMS systems, MaintenanceFirst has provided the most powerful and affordable Facility Management Solutions on the market. Our software products and services allow facility officers and department managers to easily track, maintain, and report on all aspects of their facility operations, maximizing efficiency and profit. Our diverse customers are located throughout the U.S. and range from small, privately owned facilities to large healthcare corporations. Whether you are managing 1 facility or 100, our solutions are flexible to fit your operation management needs.

And when converting this segregated data from other software systems, we won’t charge a penny; This coupled with our six month no-obligation trial period ensures you risk absolutely nothing. We offer this because we know once you see what our products and services can do for your facility, you will be a customer for years to come.

Just one of the many reasons that after 30 years we are still the clear choice in Facility Management Solutions.

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