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At MaintenanceFirst, we understand that smooth data migration is crucial for both new users adopting our system and existing users implementing new modules. That's why we offer comprehensive migration options to ensure a seamless transition. Whether you have digital data or manual hand-written lists, our advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) import capabilities enable us to import your data accurately and efficiently.

Our dedicated team will guide you through the entire migration process, ensuring that your data is securely transferred and accurately mapped to the appropriate fields within our system.

We believe that data migration should never be a barrier to adopting new technology or expanding your system's capabilities.

External Data Migration Services

Asset Data

Information about the physical assets within a facility, such as equipment, machinery, furniture, and vehicles. This data typically includes details like asset descriptions, specifications, location, maintenance history, warranty information, and depreciation values.

Maintenance Data

Data encompassing information related to the maintenance activities performed on assets within a facility. This includes maintenance schedules, work orders, service requests, inspection records, and maintenance logs among other things.

Work Order Data

Information associated with work orders created for repair, maintenance, or service tasks within a facility. This includes details like the nature of the work, priority level, assigned personnel, estimated completion time, and actual completion status etc.

Safety & Compliance Data

Data encompassing records related to safety inspections, incident reports, training certifications, permits, and regulatory compliance documentation within a facility.

Space Utilization Data

Space utilization data pertains to the usage and allocation of spaces within a facility. It includes information on room occupancy, square footage, room assignments, floor plans, and utilization rates.

Energy Consumption Data

Energy consumption data involves monitoring and tracking the usage of energy resources within a facility. This includes electricity, gas, water, and other utilities.

Vendor & Supplier Data

Information on external service providers, contractors, and suppliers engaged in facility management operations. It includes contact details, service agreements, contract terms, performance evaluations, and financial records.

Financial Data

Financial data includes budgeting, cost tracking, and expenditure records associated with facilities management activities.

Personnel HR Data

Data on facility personnel, including employee details, contact information, employment history, training records, certifications, and performance evaluations.

Projects Data

Information about ongoing and completed projects within a facility, including project plans, timelines, budgets, milestones, and project team members.

Contract & Policies

Data related to facility contracts, agreements, and policies, including lease agreements, service contracts, vendor agreements, facility policies, and compliance documentation.

Assignment of Keys

Data on the assignment and access control of keys within a facility, including key holder information, key issuance, key tracking, and access permissions.


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